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of the County of Genesee in opposition to the contin-
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intendent of the Willard State Hospital, to visit that
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then the coating of the tongue will, in most cases, guide in the
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»idph.). Headache with vomiting of undigested food. Con-
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or open atmosphere. Rheumatic pains in the joints or any
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In bone diseases to favor deposit of phosphate of lime; Scro-
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ing, pain in the bowels, restless sleep, etc. Itching at the anus
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over distention from paralysis until later. Neither
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headaches ; often subject to fever blisters on lips, and during
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Sensation ae if tongue would cleave to roof of moutb : KaU plu>t.
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very acceptable to lay readers. The space it fills among
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results have followed the use of the higher attenuations (see
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An Act to amend sections 1327 and 1328 of the Greater
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had been elected daring the year, a total of 59; also
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child-birth was simply incidental to the psychosis.
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sume work again on the Qth of October. (From Schiisaler.)
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Fig. 7. — Frontal sinusitis. The cut is a reproduction of the X-ray plate or
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and then as a rule only after they have been goaded
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cination, with much sour perspiration about head with hard,
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was unable to sleep. Her eyes had an unconsdous stare, and frequently it
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lieve it to be our moral obligation to interest and
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Caries in consequence of syphilis or abuse of mercury.
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diagnosis at the patient's first visit, and in such
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poses shall be kept as a separate fund, to be known as
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This is an excellent and fairly comprehensive treatise
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Kali pliOS, — Dizziness, swimming of the head, when from
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H. D. Pease, F. Peterson, W. M. Polk, W. W. Potter,
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relation is different in those hybrids of the first
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ish discharge, which keeps up of thick consistenfiy. Very
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sleep was astrangerto him; he bad iwen poulticed, lanced and morphioed, until the
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year: President, C. C Lytle, Geneva; Vice-President,
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emption on mai^ of hair at nape of neofc Dandrulf, wJiite scales
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milk and urine. Hilarious delirium, profuse critical diaphoresis, without thirst
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with him. He had the culture, tastes, and the spirit of
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consideration has been given the subject of orbital
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hvt years has been a resident of Chatham, his collegiate
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violet rays nearest the visible violet, but for the
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as the "Nature's Creation Remedy Co.," at 316 Franklin
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light and relieved by warmth. Cerebral apoplexy, preceded by
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diseases of the eye. Frank Von Fleet, Pediatrics, Vol. XIV,
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partment; Attending Physician to the Riverside San-
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by his professional friends and always held in high re-
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lesion. If in the small intestine, or in the begin-
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hot, frequently itchy, accompanied by gastric derangement
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uric acid. Enuresis in children from worms and in (
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vomiting of water or mucus. Catarrhs of all mucous mem-
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adding a new title, 5, relative to street improvements
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condolence on the deaths of Drs. John T. Wheeler, of
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The boy complains of mnch exhaustion." To form a scientific diagnosis of the
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abuse occurred almost entirely during the period of
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cavity, with watery conditions. Roaring in ears, tongue
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the whole body, but especially the stool of the little patient,
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with watery, frothy stool. Diarrhoea alternating with consti-
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by De Schweinitz. The chapter on military surgery by
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Case of tic donloureux, supraorbital, f^ravated by touch, extending to tbe
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Appued Surgical ANXfcmv: * Regibnally* presented for
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Natruin mur. — Typhoid or malignant conditions during
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expectoration of frothy, pink mncna, yellow, watery diarrhoea, green vomiting.
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habits of life, of intellect, of virtue, or vice, for which
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the function of the liver, the digestive organs, etc., are as a
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General Action. — Natr. mur. promotes the activity of
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variety of nerve exhaustion which Dr. Abrams desig-
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work of great writers, are well known ; and in this par-
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its introduction by Dr. Green, of New York — frowned
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tuberVulose."— Zeitsch. fur. Tuberkulose, B. XIV, H. 3»
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foration, prolapsis, incarcerated irides^ synechiae,
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lock, to permit the flow of water into Eighteen Mile
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deed, BO forhidding was the ca«e that I refused his brother when he asked me Co
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prescribing, all cases coming tmder observation to be
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everything that could be desired in the way of sterilized
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and left perfonted, pharynx thick. OUtarea mtph. commenced at once and con-
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Dr. Bartley stated that status of the minority report
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"was as hard as aroek, showing a great amount of infiltration. I at once gave
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sociation be taken from the table and referred to the
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abdomen very much dUtended. As the child was all this tinie in high fever, and
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she had a good deal of writing to do. I gave many remedies, Palaat., Rhv* Ims.,
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cervical vertebrae and ribs, and later of the spleen
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Nellis, C. E. Townsend, G. D. Grepor and E. E. Snow.
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few of these, however, proved fatal When the ^^^,^ ^^^ ^ d those who have had most
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discharging watery pus, surrounded by a broad, bluish bor^
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tion of abolishment of restraint cannot be dismissed as
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is satisfactory, but for the larger defects, such as
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times acid taste, excessive congestion, blood bright red. This
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brown complezioD. This woman whb a waBherwoman at Oreuille, and whom I