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well as by movements of the head in adjusting the ear

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secretion, red, angT7 and paiaful, whicli had been bothering her for four jeara,

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prevent it. Great dryness of the vagina. Chlorosis, dirty look

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local antiseptic treatment — gentle, but persistent

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ment of the limb was noticeable after six months. (Br. Hansen, AUg. Med. Zeit.)

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Detre, L. — "Die Anwendung der differentialen Ku-

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not coagulating. Epistazis on stooping, when t^^aj^^^V^

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and that by such treatment the disease is absolutely

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of the plaintiff which had been severed with the cxccp-

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when the defendant had diagnosed it as a sprain. Your

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Calcarea phoa. — Chronic enlargement of the glands — as an

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all this so, that the lassitude and disinclination to

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the effects of filtration, and the effects of contamina-

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Zeit., Berlin Verem Bom, Aerlie, April, 18S6, Femmi pAos. is

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Rheumatism" (illustrated with lantern slides), Clarence

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may be termed snowy white and shining. Lastly, the swelling becomes lew per-

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ministered to her aa an out-patient during the previous two months, with but

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a new subdivision 12 to section 692, relative to am-

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results from its use in the prevention of traumatic fever."

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vehicles, pleasant prescribing, etc., are also dis-

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of our Public Schools, viz.. The Cause and Prevention

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conditions ; their use is not associated with great

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in most text-books. Taken all in all one might, with

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something akin to it). Precocious muscular development has

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urer, L. H. Humphrey, M.D^ Silver Springs: Censors^

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charter, by providing that all ash receiving stations

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all that the Committee was empowered to report upon.

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attending the society gatherings, and contact with other

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Natrum mnr. — Chronic syphilis, serous exudations, etc.

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Ifatmrn mm, — Dropsy and dropsical swellings of any of

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gave her a laxative and some ointment to be rubbed all around the eye ( Dttgt

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first evidence of the presence of the cyst occurred

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to tike Intercfti ei tke Medical Society ol tLe Stete

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the Board of Supervisors the necessity of setting aside

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topsia), sparks (also Oalc flttor.), eyes sensitive to light, photo-

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phatic leukemia. As treatment progressed there this time until the latter part of May she en-

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nees returned in two hours. Was up the next day. The same remedy has been

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cepts sclerosis of the coronaries as the principal etio-

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It is particularly unfortunate that with the 2,100 and

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Further tests impossible because of small amount of

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Utica, a distance of fifty miles. In the meantime I

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occurs rather abundantly in nature : sea water, saline springs,

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that with difficulty. There is a profuse muco-purulent

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checked, white tengue, ete. Too early menses, excessive dis-

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MuLTiPiiE Cheloid, which appeared after the excision of a tumor, in the scar.

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noise commencing in his ean, and it gradaallly increased until he became aware

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at a time, and from a few moments lo an hour apart. These continuing three to

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be termed conservative treatment It plans to accom-

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Urinary and Soznal Organs. — Suppuration of kidneys, urine

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thatmoment we both bad peace. "This medicineffas done menoendof good,"

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remedies she has recovered greatly, her lungs are wonderfully healed up, and her

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and Assembly, seeking to empower the State to acquire

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corpuscles and in the blood serum is increased, and conse-

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for President, ii for Dr. Mulligan and i for Dr. Towns-

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Acknowledgment of mil books received wiU be made in this

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P. J. Campbell, M.D., of Utica, N. Y., died August 10,

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The preaching of Public Godliness is like a Voice cry-

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may save valuable lives and cure hundreds in distant

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Nfttnun Bulpll. — Biliousness, excess of bile, bitter taste in

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midnight, then falls again. It assists in promoting perspira-

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tion of the discharge, which might have found its way into the eyefrom the edge of

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have in order to be able to stand all these complaints!"

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directing the Committee 'on Legislation to confer with

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unfortDnate apecalatioiu— a common occurrence. Aoxieff, businees caree and

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