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pation, worse in the morning, from reading, writing and talk-

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assistant, putting up the doctors' prescriptions in

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the election of officers for the ensuing year : Dr.

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Flabby, inflammation when suppurating, taste sour, soapy,

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registered, but what it lacked in number it made up in

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Comers of mouth, convulBive twitchinge of: Magnet, phot.

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Kali sulph, — Syphilis with the characteristic symptoms,

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supports that of Heine to the eflfect that a fistula

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to tiie public weal than the protection of property

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with the Board of Supervisors shall endeavor to pre-

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he not only gave the people invaluable service in his

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effloresces in warm air at 30° C. They melt in their own

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or greenish-brown coated tongue, or sallow skin ; yellow eye-

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Executive Committee until his death. In 1887 he was

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Natrum Bulpli.— Injuries upon the skull and effects there-

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our profession a spirit of carelessness and indifference

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case with the attorney for the insurance company and a

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was called to order at 10.30 A. M., Tuesday, January 26,

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sirable to do so, if only to save tiie strain on our

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reusive enough from seplictemic influences; he had no appetite and sat up hardly

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four weeks all the sores were healed up and the patient well, cheerfiil and happy.

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• Read before the Medical Society of the Countj of Monroe,

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given the Bfune waj. On the fifth da; he was able lo retam to hig work. (From

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tion, dizziness, ringing in the ears, headache, bss

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attempts to get it out, but if he cannot get it out,

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An Act relative to prisons, constituting chapter 43,

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Dr. Jacob Otto spoke on "Tendencies in Infant Feed-

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charter, relative to rights of owners of land abutting

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to the appellate divisions thereof in the several depart-

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with the vessels of the liver, and likewise with the remaining

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adding a new section, 1169a, relative to establishing

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Dutchess shall deliver to it all such books, in good

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by Doise, by rising from a sitting posture, by exertion and con-

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consists in not forming it and if it is once formed,

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went to term in splendid condition. While we cannot absolutely say that she

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dotted lines B D and B £ represent the two edges of the point after the file cuts, as seen from the front of the

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during the menses, periodically, every spring, and are fre-

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then this remedy will be found effective. In felons a lotion

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J. T. Park, S. Pashley and R. M. Lee were appointed

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foul, watery, curdy discharges, with caries of the mastoid

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on blowing the nose, tongue white. Chronic dermatitis. Moist

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spirits ; profuse night sweats ; pale, wan and emaciated coun-

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liberty is given to all who are duly qualified, the

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readily bleeding, with torpid, callous edges, fistulous ulcers,

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failed, as well bu ererylhing else, and the patient had become hjpochondriacaL

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Blisters on tip of tongue : Natr. pho»., Natr. tulph.

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the kind that has made its appearance in this coimtry,

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scurvy ; cutting and burning after urination. Catarrh of blad-

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Kali mux. — Intermittent fever when the fur at the back of

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irom work, and he dedres a remedy if poeaible. I gave him Kali tidph.', several

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persons (as an intercurrent remedy). Cold in the head with

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State Journal is always pleased to publish articles

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The following officers were elected for 1909: Presi-

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Scald-head of children, yellow secretion : Oalc. mi^h.

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entitled to representation unless it shall have been in-

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the tendency of scar tissue to stretch. The paraffin

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rial. With that they were not pleased and ran off to fill

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for didactic and practical instruction for domestic

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the least beneficial, because the natural outlet for

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giving extracts from official documents, and copies of

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was preceded by a short slight attack. On the 14tb of December 1 had a call

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Few maladies are more frequently diagnosticated, when

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catarih of the middle ear. While a lad, and on to manhood, went out a great

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duties of this Committee to be, to authorize such ex-

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sharp contrast to the profuse photographic plates in

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in emotional^ character, is an index of superior mental

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symptomsof Pufeat seem to depend on the amount of ATafip/MJS.

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Kali snlph.— Leucorrhcea, discharge of yellow, greenish,

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diploma, issued in 1889 by a Therapen-EIectro College

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tures, geometrical figures ^ve rise to sounds or odors

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Five Hundred Surgical Suggestions — Practical Brevi-

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Femuu phoB- — Criddiness from rush of blood to the head

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