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equip and maintain a municipal hospital for the ex-
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tions of the air passages with Oalcarea phos. I And that it has
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into an affected district, I must refer the reader,
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an invocation, following which the delegates from other
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sugar. Ailments with excess of acidity. Thin, moist coatliig on
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L. G. H ANLEY. Ph.D.. M.Di, 428 P rter Ave.. CUnkaJ Pi*
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eruptions. Sycosis if watery symptoms correspond, beard falls
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and organs in the proper relations before he is led from
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All books for review should be sent to the business office of
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An hallucination may be defined as a sensation with-
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this principle applies not only in high operations, but
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bacteriologist will be at least $1,800 a year, and that the
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towards noon, relieved by heat. Chronic cases after Quinine.
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the arrangement of the disorders of the female genito-
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lieved, continued Kaii pAoi." every two hours, a amall powder dry for a week and
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A man Bufibred from n herpetic erapiion, for the cure of which SUieea wu
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matter, and the suppuration is deep seated. Whitlow, felon,
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slight convulsions, dry throat, etc., and the patient
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night producing an evening aggravation. Another character-
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had repeated attacks of inflammatory rheumatism and the tinnitus was probably
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elled to a small, hard black mass. The hearing has entirely returned with a
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Park to any athletic or boat club or association for
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to a certain red-coloring agent, these minute forms
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to representation therein, to appoint delegates to the
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village of Waterloo, relative to the establishment of
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drowsiness and unrefreshing sleep. Headaches with constipa-
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and at what period of their course it majr be exjjected is
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upon atropine as a hemostatic, and would be obliged to
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his nose and throat; as he replied in the negative I
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established in the distal segment^ since the same result
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Chronic snpparaUve inflammation of the middle ear from scarlet fever, both
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when there exists a grayish or brownish-green coated tongue
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cortex to the sella turcica, leaving a hole in the brain
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of the village of Waterloo, Seneca County, relative
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This is the official book of the Emmanuel movement,
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There is an appendix containing metncal and apothe-
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dry, spasmodic cough, with feeling of soreness in the lungs,
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have to remain in bed, being so weak that she could not get about. She com-
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natural mineral springs therein and appropriating one
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list, however, has gained numerically while it has been
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of infection, the typhoid bacillus at large, lines of de-
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of the profession outside the sick room had their place
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ments, boards and officers and the receipt in evidence
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As Emerson truly says, your average student can talk
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to the attention of the profession in a most splen-
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stetric nurses will find the book a safe and satisfactory
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the County By-Laws. And that the report of the Com-
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Acts upon cartilage, mucous follicles and glands, salivary and
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graphical sketch, that all should be told, that the sins
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pharmacist shall use due carefulness — carefulness
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a full dose every two hours. Immediately the spasms became less frequent. On the
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tics. Dr. Walsh has been going far afield. He should
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on same, it acts especially on the corpus vitreum. Gauze before
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power over suppuration, with its chiiracteristic accompanying symptoms. (Dr.
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scientific discoveries, but few of greater practical
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An Act relative to domestic relations, constituting chap-
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can Pharmaceutical Association at New York, May 19, 1909.
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student of infant criminology and was r^arded as an
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do not constitute treatment, and the results of medica-
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During the discussion the following motion was made
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a work on attention considered from the psycho-phy-
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Qumber of states in past years, and 'has appended a
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tested in wandering rheumatism, and have had very favorable
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with livers of Type 3. — Lancet, January 5, 1907.
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A Journal Devoted to tLe Interests of tLe Medical Society of tLe State of New York
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gfreatly from cow's milk, and that from the diatetic
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Kail Bulph. — Eyelids covered with yellow crusts, discharge
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titian into eflfect is little short of mockery. "We
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Mies M., the daughter of the late Dr. M., has been snfiering since hereighteenth
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the case of a special internal secretion from these
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be provided with the name of the proper party to whom
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Kali gulph. — When the expectoration is distinctly yellow,